7447 BCD to 7 segment display driver

7447 Binary coded decimal to 7 segment display driver

7447 Binary Coded Decimal counter


the 7447 decodes BCD 0-15 to there decimal equivalents plus 6 distinct character’s for letters A-F. the font is set to have tailless 6 and 9 characters. If required look at the 7448 the nice feature of this IC is that it has a “following display blanking” pin (Pin4) and will display 0 if it is the highest active unit but will display ” ” nothing if not needed, so in a 4 digit system you will have as an example ” 52″ and not “0052”

Tie Vcc (pin 16) to +5v and GRD (pin 8) to 0V also to get this operating as a single display tie all /(LT) /(RBI) and /(BI RBO) high.


7447 Font table

7447 font display output


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