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How to connect my PC/laptop to my TV


This might seem like a very trivial thing but can be very frustrating for individuals trying to play there latest video games or watch HD movies on there new 50” LCD TV,

most PC/Laptops will have a VGA connector and/or a DVI connector, some newer laptops and PCs come with HDMI as well.

as a rule of thumb this is the order of preference to use for connecting systems together.



This will carry both HD-Video and HD-audio.



This will carry HD-video only and you will need to find another means

(to transfer audio please see audio connectors below).



This is the same as the previous solution.



This can carry HD-video but in an analog format and is subsequently inferior to digital but is far superior to video leads.



This can not be used on a pc/laptop as I’ve yet to see a PC or laptop with a SCART plug.


Video/Audio to SCART:

This will connect both 2Channel audio and SD-video to your TV.


Composite to composite:

This is by far the cheapest option but only gives SD-Video.


VGA to TV:

This is a separate device that converts a PC VGA signal to an analog composite video signal.


VGA Connector

– Video Graphics Array



-Most people set the  resolution to 1024×768-XGA

-Maximum 2560×1600

this is found on most PCs and laptops, and some LCD TVs as well it is the most common video connector on PC/Laptops and carries an analogue video signal.


HDMI  Connector

High-Definition Multimedia Interface

-The latest version is HDMI Version1.4

-This can carry  Full-HD (1080p) but is also dependent on the device

-Maximum 4096×2160

-Caries both HD-Video and HD-Audio

-This can be found on most new LCD TVs but just because the TV says its HD does not mean it automatically has this port so please check when buying a HDTV. Most new graphics cards and top end laptops also come with this port as well.



DVI Connector

Digital Visual Interface


-DVI is compatible with HDMI and can be easily converted however DVI does not carry audio by default


-Maximum resolution

-Single: 1,920 × 1,200 @ 60 Hz

-Dual: 2,560 × 1,600 @ 60 Hz

-The pins by the flat connector carry analogue signals so this plug can also be converted to a VGA as well but not visa-verse but please check whether you have these pins as not all plugs come with them.

-These are found on most new graphics cards and some laptops and also some LCD TVs.


S-Vidio Connector

Separate Video

-This is an analogue signal that carries the chroma (colour) & luma (Picture) down two separate lines which improves the video quality.

-This cable does not carry audio.

-Resolution interlaced  480 or 576

-It is found on lots of TVs both LCD and CRT(Box TVs) as well as some PCs and Laptops.


PS2 for mouse/ keyboard

PS2 Connector


This is a PS2 plug socket used to connect keyboards and mice to a PC or Laptop. I feel I need to place this connector here as it gets confused with the S-Video connector the easiest way to identify this plug is the notch in the middle.


Comosite Video Connector

Composite-video(Composite Video, Blanking and Sync)


-Like the S-video however both the Chroma & luma are sent down the same signal and separated internally in the TV with filters this reduces the signal quality.

-The signal is made out of 3 composite sources Y, U and V

-Resolution interlaced  480 or 576

-This is a very common connector and is usually accompanied by either one or two other phono sockets for audio



SCART Connector

Originally a French TV standard, now it is common across most European countries-     This is an analogue connector and caries both audio and video signals the video signal also comes in a RGB standard as well as composite, it has been revised to carry S-video as well.

-Resolution interlaced  480 or 576

-This is found on nearly all TV sets and other video equipment in Europe


RGBHV Connector

This connection is capable of carrying analogue HD usually from a VGA connection on a TV.

Note that this requires 2 additional connections(H,V) for the horizontal and vertical sync pulse


Display Port

Displayport Connector

This is a royalty free digital display interface


-Max resolution 3840 × 2160

-Found on a few laptops and Graphics cards as well as a few LCD computer displays

-This can carry 8 channel  PCM audio as well



Connection diagram


connection diagram on how to connect a PC or laptop to a TV or HDTV

[View image]
In the image above you can see what connections are compatible with each other and what connection will need another device to convert the signal from one type to another.


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