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It’s the 3rd Coming!!! All hail Thee…. 😀 

Art of Electronics 3rd Edition
Art of Electronics 3rd Edition


Finally after over 25 years of waiting the 3rd edition of Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill “The Art of Electronics” I received my first copy back in 1993 along with the Student handbook to AoE.

This book served me well and in 2005 I purchased another copy, as mine had fallen to pieces and had pasted redemption. This is the new 3rd edition and included a substantial update, to name a few… AD D/A converters. SPICE simulation, Protected MOSFETs, Delta-sigma Converters, Memory technologies, Serial buses… 

This new update is what the entire electronics community has been waiting for I want to take this opportunity to thank Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill as with out the Art of Electronics that I received when I was still in High School I would not be where I am today.

This is one of those books tat you will want a hardcopy do it justice get an original copy today. I have referred back to my old copy countless times during my career rather than google the information, there is something about having the tangible knowledge in front of you when working or trying to settle an argument.


Get it from amazon here >>The Art of Electronics<<


The 3rd Edition
The Art of Electronics – 3rd Edition



Download the art of electronics 3rd edition pdf

Click here to download Download PDF OCR 


😈 Haha, Hmmm, think its best in hardcover form don’t you? Just get the original this is a book you will never regret buying. 


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